Books by Elle Kavanah

Trapped In Carnality

Does God want me to be happy? Does how I live my life matter? Does God cause suffering?

Explore these questions and more in the thrilling and cautionary tale crafted within Trapped In Carnality. Walk with Elle Kavanah while she recounts her passionate, unpredictable life.

With every step toward the altar, Elle envisions her well-planned life to be one-second closer. Delight washes over her as she catches a glimpse of her soon-to-be husband’s chiseled face and that million-dollar smile that he wears so well. Jacob’s soft eyes find hers and steal her breath away. This gorgeous minister is everything she has ever wanted. How did she get so lucky? Dismissing the notion of chance, Elle relishes the fact that she’s finally done it. She’s lassoed the fairy tale, and now her perfect life, living on the perfect street, in the perfect town awaits. Happily ever after begins.

As Trapped In Carnality moves through the tumultuous years after the wedding, Elle wrestles with her perceived convictions and her heart’s desires. Forced to examine everything she knows about love, happiness, faith, and commitment, Elle finds herself thrust into a life of shadows and secrets. When the cracks in her superficial life began to surface, the duplicity is impossible to conceal, and her perfect life crumbles.

Elle spends years in pursuit of satisfaction, but cannot quiet her soul’s thirst for peace. Like a small boat in a raging storm, Elle sinks, and sorrow fastens her to the bottom of the ocean. At the right time, Elle receives the most unexpected lifeline that tethers her to this world and makes everything she has endured meaningful.

Come! Join her on this fantastic journey!